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Oct 15

Powerbook Crashed… Again

i somehow managed to break my computer again… and i’m really scared i lost everything.  i should’ve learned to make backups on a regular basis, but there’s no use crying over spilled milk.  i don’t know of anyone who has had as many problems with their powerbook as i have.  i’m beginning to wonder if i’m cursed when it comes to computers… maybe i should change my major and go to school for another 6 years???

Jul 23

Coming Soon

Movies I can’t wait to see:

The Fountain
Children of Men
The Prestige
Spider-Man 3
Casino Royale

In other news, I’m almost finished revamping my old clique, Perfection. It’s going to be my new baby… I can’t wait to reopen it :nod:

Jun 20

Return to Writing

I’ve taken to writing again… I know, I’m all over the place when it comes to my hobbies. This time, though, I’m determined to finish my story. I’ve been working with this idea for too long to let it go to waste. I think I developed the story and most of the characters 10 years ago and it’s been evolving ever since. I may post a couple of excerpts from it on my livejournal so that I can make the entry friends only ;) I don’t want to release it to the public until its finished!

If you are a country music fan, check out I Loved Her First by Heartland. My friend Rachael’s dad wrote it about her… it’s really sweet :heart:

Feb 28

I Hate Computers

Well, my less than a year old Powerbook crashed and I lost everything. So much for buying a new computer. Thanks a lot, Apple.

target disk mode saves the day! the hardware is ok, but the operating system is corrupted (I was on the phone with tech support for an hour this morning). i’ll post more details when i have a decent keyboard.

Jan 6

Random Madness

Doing some cleaning… ignore the mess!

Wow, it’s snowing outside right now! I literally haven’t seen snow in 4 years. Too bad it’s not sticking :no:

Had to buy a new set of headphones tonight… I have the worst luck with headphones. One side always shorts out… does that ever happen to you? I’m guessing it’s because I sleep with them on at night. I recently had two sets of these. Pixie ate the first set, and the right earpiece shorted out of the second. I really enjoyed them, but I hated paying $40 for headphones O_o

School starts back this Wednesday. Maybe I’ll make some decent grades for a change :lol: I’m taking:

ECE 383 – Machine Language
Math 126 – Calculus II
Art 100 – Drawing
Drawing 100 – Sketching for Engineers

Fun, huh? :P

And if that wasn’t the most random post ever, I don’t know what is!

Dec 27

Merry Christmas

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Pixie the Black Nosed Reindeer

Pixie the Black Nosed Reindeer

Pixie the Black Nosed Reindeer

What did Santa bring everyone? Here’s a rundown of what I received:
Delphi MyFi XM2go, Hello Kitty Calendar, Hello Kitty Planner, keychain, Betty Crocker Bake’n Fill, Scene It? 007 Edition, socks, notepads, card shuffler, CD (Ghost in the Shell SAC O.S.T 2), money; Pink Peacoat and Kate Spade Messenger Bag (from Will)

If you participated in my Christmas card exchange, hopefully you will receive my cards sometime soon… I sent them last Thursday. Sorry if they didn’t get to you before Christmas!

I’m currently having to update some stuff on my site, so most of the pages will not be working. Also, you will not be able to access the BubblesSWAP Member Area. I’m trying my best to work out these kinks! (Everything should be fixed now. Please let me know if you see any errors!) If you’re a PHP coder, FYI: DON’T USE REGISTER GLOBALS! :boil:

BTW – I forgot to mention that I finished reading HP and the Half-Blood Prince… I’ll have to post my crazy theories in a latter post.

Sep 26


I’m sick of helping people and getting crap in return. If you’re not going to lend me a hand, then don’t ask for mine!! And I really hate people who have attitude problems. Angsty people especially get on my nerves. Quit complaining, there’s a lot of people whose lives suck a lot more than yours. It’s just not cool :grumpy:

(I don’t think angsty is even a word, but I’m using it anyway! :P )

Sep 25

Movies and More

I’m not much of a football fan, but I’m so excited that Bama is 4 and 0! I think that ESPN Gameday is coming to Tuscaloosa next weekend for Bama vs Florida… that should be interesting. Maybe I will have to participate in the festivities ;)

School is really tough this semester! I’ve been lost in my ECE class since day one. Although my first ECE class is kicking my butt, I still plan to double major.

I’m a movie trailer lover, so I thought I’d mention a few trailers of movies that I can’t wait to see:
V for Vendetta
All the King’s Men
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Chronicles of Narnia
The New World

I was looking forward to Aeon Flux, but the trailer actually doesn’t look that good :no: I’ll probably see it anyway, though. I tend to do that.

Aug 29

Coco’s New Home

Coco got a new home!


Coco stayed with my aunt while I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago. My aunt rigged her up a new home in a plastic baby pool. It’s a cheap alternative to a new cage. She has a lot more room to run around and also enough space for a pigloo. I’m surprised that Pixie has not jumped in the pool with her yet :lol:

Fox News was broadcasting live from downtown Tuscaloosa, AL earlier today! I felt special :D The weather from Katrina is pretty crazy here. I’ve been sitting on my balcony watching the trees behind my apartment swaying in the wind. I hope none of them fall on me! I’m lucky to still have power… I can see the transformers exploding over the treeline. My friend, Rach, lost power at her house earlier. She said a tree fell on her neighbor’s house and that a transformer was on fire down the road. Hopefully classes will get cancelled again tomorrow.

Jul 10


I just washed an entire load of laundry only to realize afterwards that I forgot to add the detergent :sweatdrop: I’m up washing clothes because I’m scared I won’t have any power to do it for the next few days. We lost power during Hurricane Ivan and it was so hot… that was in September! I can’t even imagine how hot it will be without power in the middle of July. According to CNN, Dennis is still supposed to be a category-1 hurricane when it hits us here in Tuscaloosa… I’m kind of scared.

I got a postcard from my friend Marie who is studying abroad in Spain this summer, how exciting! I’m so jealous :-D I also found out that a fellow cheerleader from high school is pregnant. Now I have an excuse to buy the adorable octopus baby toy I saw while shopping the other day. When you squeeze one of his legs, he plays music and his cheeks light up! It is sooooo cute. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet, so I better go buy it tomorrow since there weren’t many left.

Laundry is finished… gotta go fold clothes!

Oh yeah, I forgot, I finally got a Tabulas. Check out the layout … I think it’s adorable! :nod:

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